“He knows how to turn a football player into beast mode…”

Great training with my big bro and trainer JB John Barness in Portland, Oregon in his awesome training facility ProBaller Fitness. Year ago in Dallas, Texas, met JB and decide to train with him after 2019 season after my season with Georgia Doom in the Arena football league and getting ready for the next chapter with CFL. JB has always been very passionate about strength training and speed agility training ever since I’ve known him. During our speed and strength training sessions I noticed how he always gave his 100% effort in every training session. He knows how to turn a football player into beast mode and prepare us to play in our highest potential. As a Defensive End I run a 4.62 at the combine and throughout the training I improved my 40 yard dash to 4.5 range and improved my power and strength to a next level.

Boqiao “Bruce” Li

“JB really cares about all of his clients and treat all of us like we are his family.”

His training has prepared me to have the best performance at the NFL Veteran Combine for the 32 NFL teams on March 26th, 2017. Upon finishing at the Combine, I had at least nine NFL teams wanting to sign me on the spot. According to the NFL scouts, I ran a 4.47 in the 40 yard dash. I am extremely happy that I just signed with the Minnesota Vikings a few days after the Combine. I will never regret the day that I walked into Pro Baller Fitness to train with JB. It’s one of the best things I have ever done for myself!

Nick Truesdell

“ JB is easily one of the best coaches I have ever worked with…”

I started working with JB the fall of my senior year. We met twice a week lifting on one day, and speed and agility training the other. The workouts and top of the line equipment JB has is unmatched by anyone else.As a result of my training I became stronger, faster and more explosive out of the blocks and over hurdles, which resulted in a very successful senior track season. JB is easily one of the best coaches I have ever worked with by not only making the training intense by keeping the environment fun. Training with JB pushed me to my full potential and got me to the level I needed to be at for Division 1 college track. I very much recommend JB to anyone serious about becoming stronger and improving themselves as an athlete.

Madison McGlasson

Glencoe HS – NAU Track

“These types of workouts with JB not only grew my physical aspect of the game, but most importantly the mental side.”

I was a part of an early morning 6am-7am crew that worked out with Coach JB  three times a week. My goals were to take my talent to the next level, and always be one step ahead of the competition. Although we got after it on upper body and lower body days, my most notable workouts were our agility days. These types of workouts with JB not only grew my physical aspect of the game, but most importantly the mental side. No agility day was easier than the other, and every time I strived for faster times, pulling more weight, and beating the person next to me while Coach Barnes motivates you from the side. Having the pleasure of working with JB is a big reason as to why I’m able to take my talent to the University of Oregon this spring. The environment to train in and “get after it” mentality Coach Barnes brings to the table will have me coming back for more sessions in the offseason to ensure I’m making strides to be the best athlete I can be.

Shane Neal

Century HS – U of Oregon Track

Kenny “Years ago in Dallas, Texas, JB and I trained together with the same speed coach during our off seasons for the NFL and the CFL. JB has always been very passionate about strength training and speed agility training ever since I’ve known him. During our speed training sessions I noticed how he always gave his 100% effort to be one the fastest and strongest players in our speed academy that was coached by Speed Coach Russell “Fly” Flannigan. “

Kenny “The Pick” Wheaton

NFL Dallas Cowboys/CFL Toronto Argonauts/University of Oregon

Dante Wesley“I had the pleasure to play football with JB in High School and College. I have many great testimonies I could give about JB and his passion for training and sports, but they would fill too many pages. JB has always trained hard and worked hard for everything he’s ever wanted on and off the football field. John is very passionate and knowledgeable about speed, and strength training just like he was is in his playing days in college. I support the idea that he is helping athletes develop speed, strength, quickness, and coordination at a young age. “

Dante Wesley

NFL Carolina Panthers/University of Arkansas – Pine Bluff



Ray Mickens“During the NFL off-season, I had the pleasure of training with JB and a group of NFL DB’s in Dallas, TX. Throughout our workouts I noticed that JB consistently gave 100% effort in all of the DB drills and in the weight room. Being an 11 year NFL veteran player, I know what type of training that helped me play at a high level for a long time. This type of speed injury prevention training will increase any athletes speed, agility, coordination, strength and overall athleticism to play at a high level. I would highly recommend athletes to train with JB. He works very well with the youth athletes.”

Ray Mickens

NFL New York Jets


NFL RB Dominic Rhodes “JB hosted a High School football camp with myself and a few other well known NFL Players in Dallas, Texas. I love this sports specific training that JB implements with the High School athletes. It’s great training that most NFL players are doing now to get the upper edge on their competition. This training will help you with your overall abilities to compete at the highest level of competition. He is very knowledgeable of all types of training. He also is a great mentor to the youth athletes. I’m glad that we crossed paths and I had a opportunity to worked with him. “

Dominic Rhodes

NFL Indianapolis Colts (RB)


Jen Welter“Coach JB Barnes has always been a very respected, well known, knowledgeable guy when it comes to sports, fitness, and training. I had the opportunity to work out with him many times. I also helped JB coach a high school football camp hosted by him and NFL players. The fire, desire, love, and passion that he has for helping young athletes to be successful is incredible. I will recommend any player to Train Like a Pro.”

Jen Welter

First Woman NFL Coach


Cedrick Bonner“JB and I trained hard together. We had the same NFL sport agent and we had a private workout with the Oakland Raiders along with a few other NFL invite workouts together. I ran a 4.32 in the 40 yard dash when JB and I used to go to NFL workouts together.  I know for a fact if I had this type of training back then, I know I would have the record for fastest time 40 yard dash time at the NFL Combine. This training will help any athlete get faster so that he or she can reach their sports specific goals at Combines and on the playing field. JB also has a positive influence on young athletes.”

Cedrick Bonner

NFL WR/Texas A&M – Commerce


Dino Philyaw“I recommend all athletes of all ages to train with JB at Pro Baller Fitness. He is a very knowledgeable sports specific trainer and football coach. His athlete’s results are proof of his success as a coach and a trainer.”

Dino Philyaw

NFL RB/University of Oregon


Jacob Lacey“Seeing JB give back to the young generation of athletes at a high level like this really makes me proud to know him. He is giving back to the young athletes by helping them get bigger, faster, quicker, and stronger. This style of training will help athletes from youth to professional reach their maximum potential. Keep up the great work JB.”

Jacob Lacey

NFL CB/Oklahoma State


Kirk BroussardPro Baller Fitness is a place where you can go to get some of the best sport specific and speed/agility training in the Northwest. I love the fact that this environment is very professional, well organized and family friendly. Parents can bring their kids there be trained by JB Barnes who is one of the best sports specific athletic trainer in this area.”

Kirk Broussard

NFL Coach


Gerald Smiley“You have to check this place out. Top notch training that you won’t get anywhere else. Stop wasting your money and time with the wrong instructions. Learn from a Pro. He knows what you need to know.”

Gerald Smiley



Rashaad Carter“JB put me on the vertimax training which helped my fast-twitch muscles while focusing on strengthening my weaknesses. Also, He motivated me through the workout and kept me going strong with high energy.”

Rashaad Carter

NFL Baltimore Ravens/AFL Portland Steel


Bryce Peila“I had the opportunity to train with JB this year before the start of my Arena football season. His speed training helped me improve a quicker first step, power, explosiveness, a stronger core, balance and my overall speed in all directions. The quick twitch football drills helped me have fluid hips, better foot speed, and helped me with come out of breaks a lot quicker than I used to. Thanks JB for getting me ready to play at the highest level of competition in the Arena Football League.”

Bryce Peila

AFL Portland Steel


Olaniyi Sobomehin“John JB Barnes is as thorough as they get, and will get any athlete fully prepared physically and mentally. I trust my athletes with John, and he gets athletes results. He’s got the knowledge, the pedigree, and he knows how to motivate athletes to do their best and push themselves.”

Olaniyi Sobomehin

Former NFL RB (New Orlean Saints) and mental conditioning coach ( Founder and CEO)


Nick Alexander“I have been training with JB for the last 4 months now. When I started with him, I came in to work on rehabilitating my injured right knee. Since I have been using the VertiMax, and the Shuttle MVP machines, I have increased strength in my knee and the surrounding muscles. My speed, agility an overall confidence in my body has improved. He is a great trainer, motivator,  very knowledgeable and pays attention to details on your muscle groups that are weak so that he can strengthen them. I would recommend anyone to come to him. As a former football player I have seen magnificent results, and I continue to keep training with JB to increase strength, speed, and tone my body to the best of its ability.”

Nick Alexander

NFL Prospect/Portland State/Boise State



“Crazy looking back ten months ago and how much progress I’ve made from working out with my trainer JB.”

So thankful to have not only an amazing trainer but also a friend who I look up to and inspires me. Thank you for always pushing me to be the best I can be and helping me accomplish one of my biggest dreams as a sports fitness/lifestyle model. I also want to mention how proud I am of YOU watching you accomplish your goals these last ten months you are the best and unstoppable. Love you JB!

Kayla M.

SLU Sports Model

Training with JB at Pro Baller Fitness the last 5 weeks has been the best training I’ve ever had.

I feel a increase in my speed, power, and agility already! While training with JB I learned the correct way on how to run properly and effective techniques that will help me become an overall sound athlete in the weight room and on the football field. When doing intense training, your body is very susceptible to injuries and he does a great job of preventing them. When I go home sore it WILL NOT be because of the the nagging injuries. It WILL be because I trained HARD the RIGHT way. If you want to perform at your best and at the highest level, be healthy, look your best, then come see JB at Pro Baller Fitness and he will help you get it done. Thanks again JB for all your help.

Lamar Winston

Oregon Ducks/Central Catholic

“I have trained with a couple of different trainers before JB and I can strongly say that JB is the best out of them all.”

I’ve been training with John B. (JB) for about a month now and it has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I have trained with a couple of different trainers before JB and I can strongly say that JB is the best out of them all. I play college basketball and I went to JB when I was 8 months post surgery for micro-frature and my second torn ACL. My leg atrophied quite badly and had no strength in it anymore. I went to JB hoping he could help me put on more muscle and improve my speed/quickness before I went back to playing basketball with my team and fitness testing in the September. JB was not able to just help me achieve my goals he helped me exceed them! I am the strongest I’ve ever been, can jump higher then before I tore my ACL, and my speed/quickness is outstanding. Another great quality JB has is he never doubts you, JB will help you gain more confidence than you ever thought you had. I am continuing to train with JB and would recommend him to anyone.

Courtney L.

Linn Benton Community College – Albany, OR

Terell Mims HilHi Spartans All League QB/LB ” During my 2 years training with JB I have seen positive results in the weight room, on the football field, and as a player. JB was also my linebacker and strength coach for 2 years at Hillsboro high school, and we have developed a very strong relationship! JB has helped me reach all of my personal goals. Because of JB I’m bigger, faster, stronger then ever. JB is THE BEST coach, mentor, trainer, and friend anyone can ever have. If you are serious about becoming better at your craft, or playing at the next level, come train like a pro with JB. Thank you Coach Barnes for helping me become the athlete/person I am today! “

 – Terell Mims HilHi Spartans All League QB/LB


RJ Nelson HilHi Spartans All League OL/DL“Coach Barnes helped me increase my 40 time from 4.85 to a 4.73 within two months of speed training. JB also has and still is preparing me for my best high school football season with the Hillsboro Spartans. At Pro Baller Fitness Coach Barnes provided me a great environment to train in because it was intense, competitive, and the all of workouts translated over to the football field. I was able to put on noticeable muscle mass and maintain a great conditioning level in the short time frame I was training with coach. The workouts are very challenging everyday and they tailored to meet my needs. His workouts are very detailed in terms of targeting weakness and gaining functional mobility, speed, and strength. Thanks Coach Barnes for always pushing me to be the best and not allowing me to Be a Average athlete. “

– RJ Nelson  HilHi Spartans  All League OL/DL

Krissy Taube HilHi Spartans All-State Track Sprinter“This type of training has taken me to the next level throughout my track season. Coach Barnes had supported and encouraged me to be the best that I can be and I can see how much he enjoys what he does. His training gives me a strong platform so that I can perform at my best. Thank you Coach Barnes”

– Krissy Thomas HilHi Spartans All-State Sprinter


Derek Wagstaff All League, League MVP RB/DB Needles HS,Cali“I had the opportunity to come all the way from California to  train with Coach Barnes last summer and it was by far the best training I’ve ever received. I had given myself goals for the upcoming football season and with the help from Coach Barnes, met every single one of them and then some (League MVP as a Junior, 3 All-State awards). He pushed me everyday to be better than I was the day before and gave me a taste of what it was like to “Train Like a Pro”. In just 11 sessions my 40 time went from 4.96 to 4.69. I’ve never had such drastic results!”

– Derek Wagstaff All-League, League MVP RB/DB Needles HS,Cali


Carter Webb Sunset HS RB/DB “JB Barnes training has helped me to improve so much in the past 2 years of training with him. He’s a positive, motivational, and educated trainer who will help you reach your goals. Personally, I’ve improved so much in my track times, I went from an 11.46 100m down to a 10.49 in a year time span, and I’m still getting better. A lot of it was thanks to his training!”

– Carter Webb  Sunset Apollos All League RB/DB/Sprinter


DJ McCord Gresham HS-RB/LB“My training with JB has improved my strength, agility, speed and several other key aspects on and off the field. One major aspect being my hitting power. I started spring football after just 6 sessions with JB and my coaches were already asking me what I did to improve so much. JB has been a great role model, trainer and friend to me over the time that I’ve known him. JB’s training helped me not only in football but in other sports and activities as well. Throughout the time that I’ve known him he’s always shown the utmost passion about his job and helping young athletes excel in there sport or craft. If you’re looking for  training to bring you to the next level. Come train with JB he’ll help you train like a pro. He certainly helped me.”

– DJ McCord RB/LB Gresham HS


Kennedy Taube HilHi Spartans All-State Track Sprinter“I’ve been training with Coach Barnes since August 2015 and he is an amazing trainer! Not only is he positive and professional but I am stronger and faster thanks to his help! He has the most up to date equipment that professional athletes train on, the vertimax and the sprinter… He takes classes every year to keep up to date with the latest training techniques so his athletes will perform the best of their abilities. “

– Kennedy Taube HilHi Spartans All-State Track Sprinter


Kaelin Himphill Liberty Falcons All-League LB

“I work out with JB every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Never met a guy more dedicated to his passion waking up 5 am every morning! Best trainer in the northwest. Thanks coach for training me!”

 – Kaelin Hemphill  Liberty Falcons/San Deigo State All-League LB


Anna Dean“Coach Barnes is very passionate about what he does and has taught me an immense amount of things; to be stronger, faster, more explosive, and determined. As a result of my training with Barnes I have become more explosive out of the blocks in track & field, and have grown a mentality consisting of training hard to achieve my goals. I would highly recommend Barnes because he will train you to be a hard-working, motivated, and a positive athlete.”

– Anna Dean

Sprinter/Hurdler Azusa Pacific University


Isabella Persichetti – Boxer “My name is Isabella Persichetti, and I am a fourteen year old female boxer. I currently have two state titles and two regional titles as well; none of which would be possible without JB. Training with him and the VertiMax has improved my speed and reaction time. I feel faster in my boxing, and I also feel that I move more smoothly in the ring because of these explosive workouts. JB always challenges me to work harder by having me do more reps, and by tightening the resistance bands on the Vertimax so I have to work faster and harder. I can feel myself improve every training session. I can tell that he wants me to succeed because he tailors my workouts to push me out of my comfort zone, and also because he makes time to accommodate me in his busy schedule. JB is a great trainer, and I will always proudly wear my Pro Baller Fitness t-shirt to my competitions.”

– Isabella Persichetti  Boxer – #1 in the Region


Karrington Blacknall- Gresham HS WR/DB

JB has been a blessing in my life. He has been training and mentoring me since December of 2015. JB strives to make us better athletes and better people on and off the field. Since I have began training with JB, I have improved my speed and strength which has made me a well rounded athlete. I’m so appreciative of JB, he truly cares about the athletes he works with, and wants to make sure that we also strive to be successful people in society. When I was messing up in school, JB took the time out to talk to me and help me refocus on my goals and to not get in trouble. That shows that he’s passionate about the people he works with. Thank you JB for being an awesome mentor and trainer.

– Karrington Blacknall  Gresham HS WR/DB

Marcos Chavez“He’s a great coach! He pushes you when your tired and helps you keep going! Coach Barnes knows what he is doing and uses equipment to make different workouts your not use to. I recommend him for athletes who are trying to get faster or bigger! Especially football players!”

– Marcos Chavez WR/DB HilHi Spartans


“Pro Baller Fitness training is the best training in the Portland Metro Area. I have trained on the Vertimax which helped increase speed, vertical, size, strength, power, and overall explosiveness. After seeing how my results increase and get better,  I will recommend any of my fellow teammates and friends to come train with Coach Barnes. He is a great trainer that really cares about seeing athletes succeed.”

– Jobadiah Jobi Malary RB Barlow HS


“I moved to Portland 4 years ago and as soon as I started looking for help with my son’s development I kept hearing the same name JB. I heard it from various people that he was the best around and he lived up to everything that was spoken of him. I was training my son on my own but I needed someone to push him harder than what I was doing. JB took my son in at 13, and truly changed my son’s confidence, his speed and strength. Each year he has become stronger and faster and JB has had my son competing with guys 2-3 years older and still being able to hold his own. This has been the best investment I’ve made for my son’s development and now at the age of 15 he is a lot faster and stronger than most kids in his grade. Looking forward to these next few years and seeing how far JB can push my son…”

– Gary Owens

“My daughter has worked out with Coach Barnes just five times now but has already gotten stronger. She loves the work out and that he structures the session specifically for her goals and what he sees that she needs to improve on. Can’t wait to see the results on the court!”

– Maija Mueller

“Pro baller fitness is one of the most professional, promising, training and fitness facilities. If you are an athlete and looking for the workouts that will prepare you to compete at a high level. I suggest you make pro baller fitness your top priority. My sons and I are going to travel from Arkansas this summer for the superb pro baller workout. John JB Barnes is the real deal. The name speaks for itself!”

– Jerrod D.

“My son has been training with JB now for a month and a half the guy is amazing!! Not only impressed with the results and the knowledge JB brings, but he’s an amazing motivator and mentor to the kids. You owe it to yourself to go get a training session from him, as he’s a guy that gets it and is training for the right reasons (the kids!) I’ve been a youth football coach for 14 years and have been to a lot of trainers over the years with my sons and JB is just amazing and at the top of the list. Don’t miss out on a phenomenal opportunity and I guarantee you will be impressed. I highly recommend Pro Baller Fitness and he’s such a great mentor for my son.”

– Jerry W.


“My son trains with Coach Barnes at Pro Baller Fitness. I have never seen such passion for training athletes. Coach Barnes has taught my son how to become explosive by working on speed and agility drills. Coach Barnes has instilled in him a desire to reach his maximum potential. Thank you Coach Barnes for believing in my son and pushing him to not be average!”

– Erika T.


“Excellent training and keeps me motivated and on my feet. You have a man who knows the proper way on how to train and get in shape.”

– Shahn F.


“Cutting edge drills and he is a great motivator. Makes you feel like you are training like a PRO. My kids love it!”

 – Michael J.