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The Portland Panthers are an affiliate of The 7on7 Association who are made up of 9th/10th/11th/12th graders. We started our program with three areas of emphasis:  Development, Competition, and Fun.  More important to us than winning at all costs, is the experience each kid has.  Loyalty should ALWAYS go to a kid’s High School Team or Youth Program.

The Portland Panthers are lead by Franchise Owner, Program Coordinator and Head Coach John “JB” Barnes and Assistant Coach JJ Johnson.

Portland Panthers 7on7 Football


January 28th – 7on7 Association Pre-Season League (Salem, OR)

February 11th – 7on7 Association Pre-Season League (Salem, OR)

February 18th – 7on7 Association Pre-Season Tournament (Salem, OR)

March 4th – 7on7 Association Tour (Tacoma, WA)

March 24th/25th – 7on7 Association Tour (Vancouver, WA)

April 14th/15th – 7on7 Association Tour (Bellingham, WA)

April 28th/29th – 7on7 Association Tour (Tri-Cities, WA)

May 5th/6th – 7on7 Association Tour (Salem, OR)

May 26th/27th/28th (Memorial Day Weekend) –  7on7 Association Tour (Seattle, WA)



# Athlete’s Name Position Grade School
01 Jalen Owens WR/DB 9 Sunset
02 Quinn Williamson WR/DB 10 Jesuit
03 Gary Hollands WR/DB 11 Jesuit
04 Cameron Jackson WR 9 Sunset
05 Solomon Bandy CB 10 Jesuit
06 Gilbert Smith QB/DB 10 Jesuit
07 Caleb Jordan QB 10 Jefferson
08 Garrison Tooke S/WR 10 Clackamas
09 Jack Artman QB 9 Clackamas
10 Tavares Tims RB/LB 11 Wilson
11 Nick Kennewell WR/DB 9 Clackamas
12 Quin Gunter QB 11 Oregon City
13 Richard Kennewell WR 10 Clackamas
14 Malcolm Peters WR/DB 11 Madison
15 Nehemiah Dedmon WR/DB 11 Jefferson
16 Anthony Kindred WR/LB 10 Madison
Portland Panthers 7on7 Football

7on7 Association

Our program is based on three things: development, competition, and having fun.

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Portland Panthers

Portland Panthers

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